The AFS MALAYSIA Year End Party was held on the 26th of December 2015 at PJ8 Service Suites by the poolside with an amazing view of the evening sunset.

2015 is almost coming to an end. We always wanted to make our year meaningful and full of memories. I myself need to make sure that this year would be a wonderful year to be remembered.  What better way to end my year but with a wonderful gathering organized by AFS Malaysia Returnee Alumni.

The AFS MALAYSIA Year End Party was held on the 26th of December 2015 at PJ8 Service Suites by the poolside with an amazing view of the evening sunset.

The party kicked off at 4:00 P.M. with more guests arriving to the party as time goes by. Fellow AFS-ers of different backgrounds and also different exchange experiences. I still remember that everyone was so quiet because they didn’t know each other but by the time the evening progresses, everyone treated each other like a best friend!

There were barbeque and also different types of food that were served in the party. It was a potluck kind of tradition where everyone brought their own food and served to the guests. I still remember there were satay, fried chicken which were my favourite.  After all, the food was great and everyone filled their stomach with the good spread.

Activities during the event went quite well. Everyone was catching up with each other. Meeting up old friends and also making new ones!  I too had the opportunity to know a lot of new people from different exchange programs. Besides that, helping out with the preparation of the food (barbeque) was exciting. The barbeque was set up by several members of the AFS Returnee Alumni committee. I still remember that they were so focused on lighting up the fire that they almost forgot to enjoy the party. And I helped to grill the chicken and hot dogs, joked around and took selfies while barbecuing. I almost forgot about the “apam balik” experimental cooking. We made few attempts to make a perfect and delicious “apam balik” filled with peanut and sweet corn. I believe we somehow managed to make some.

On the other hand, we had some activities like Secret Santa where we exchanged gifts with each other. But what will fun be without adding on activities, right? So in order to exchange the gifts, everyone was required to do some action that was given to them. Something like a charade.  My action was “to drag two people into the pool”. But I failed miserably. It was like I was pulling something out of thin air and no one could guess it.  Regardless of that, I believed everyone enjoyed the activity. We also had some games of pulling crackers yet hoping that the thing does not explode. I can’t exactly remember what it is called but it was fun doing it because we had to do it carefully without causing the paper cracker to explode. What a wonderful night it was.  Everyone had their night filled with laughter and excitement.The party ended with a good bye and everyone left for home. The committee were the ones who stayed back to clean up the place. Everything was properly done and done with a smile on their faces.  It was a tiring night but it was well worth it. A big thank you to the AFS Malaysia Returnee Alumni Committee for this wonderful event. Once again a memory has been impacted. New friendships were made. Another successful event was organized.  Thank You!  Hope to see everyone soon in 2016!

Fadhli bin Hj Ahmad (Gee)
Returnee JENESYS 2011