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Why host with AFS Malaysia?

Hosting an international student in your home is a great way to learn about a new culture and share our Malaysian culture and values. Your children will enjoy being cultural ambassadors, introducing their new brother or sister to local customs, traditions and national holidays.

Everything from preparing meals to sightseeing are opportunities to discover and appreciate cultural and other differences. We call this the #AFSeffect!

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We’re here to help every step of the way.

Support for Host Families

Local Coordinators
An AFS Local Coordinator (Liaison) will be your primary point of contact throughout your student’s stay. They will check in with you, answer questions, and help resolve concerns. They are also responsible for communicating with the student’s school or counselor during the year. Many of our coordinators have been hosts themselves so you’re in good hands.

24/7 National Support
Our national staff and 24/7 hotline offer additional support—and peace of mind—if you ever need it. We can be reached 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your family and student are required to attend several local orientations throughout the experience. These orientations are usually scheduled at critical junctures in the cultural adjustment cycle to provide guidance and support to both you and your student.

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We connect you

Bonding with other AFS Malaysia host families is one of the most rewarding aspects of hosting.

Meet Other Hosts and Students
Many host families and students get together throughout the year for volunteer-run events, cultural activities, and home-cooked meals to build a community of comfort, kindness, and connection.

Extend Your Family
Our host families often develop close relationships with our AFS Malaysia exchange students. Many students come back to Malaysia to visit and reconnect with them long after they’ve returned home.


“Hosting has been a wonderful way to add a new member to our family, forge friendships and exchange cultural insights. We create lifelong relationships which continue long past the AFS year.”

― Prem Kamal Radzi Raju (AFS Host Family from Perak)

“Our students have been wonderful and have shown us a world we never have thought we could see just by staying in Malaysia.”

― Carmen Chong Wai Ping (AFS Host Family from Negeri Sembilan)

We Love Our Host Families

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Mengikat Kasih Sayang Tanpa Sempadan

“Kehadiran Chantal seolah-olah sesuatu yang dirancang agar nama keluarga kami mula dikenali. Sikap peramah, aktif dan keinginan belajar yang tinggi menyebabkan Chantal berjaya mencipta nama dalam statusnya yang tersendiri.”

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Hosting Brings Us Closer as a Family

 “We would recommend Malaysian families to sign up as host families because, besides learning and teaching our culture and gaining a new family member, we as a family have grown a lot throughout the years of hosting and although we spend a lot of time with our exchange students, we also felt that our family has grown closer through hosting.”
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Pengalaman Yang Membawa Kesan Seumur Hidup

“Tidak dinafikan apabila kita berkongsi tinggal dibawah satu bumbung, pasti ada kekhilafan yang berlaku. Namun bagi saya dan keluarga, kita harus matang dan berfikiran positif terhadap sesuatu masalah. Bertindak dengan rasional bukan berlandaskan emosi semata-mata.”

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Hosting a student won't break the bank

We know budgets are tight

Your Expenses
As a host parent, you must provide your student with three meals a day and arrange transportation to and from school and school activities. That’s it! Other costs such as family trips, participation in group outings, or personal items for students are at your discretion.

Medical Expenses
Your student will come with secondary medical insurance so that, in an emergency, the student can be treated as soon as possible. There is also a 24-hour support phone number in case of any emergency.

Spending Money
Students bring their own spending money for clothes, social activities, and other personal expenses.

Host With 4 Easy Steps


1 - Learn More

Read our Host Family FAQs and talk to your local AFS Volunteer. You can also email us with any questions you may have. Call us at: +603 7887 6866.

Email Us

2 - Apply Online

On the application, you’ll be asked to write about your household, community, lifestyle, and what is important to your family. Help us understand your family better.

Apply Here

3 - Matching Period

Review student profiles with your local volunteer once your application has been approved. You’ll be sure to find a student that matches your interests and lifestyle.


4 - Welcome your AFSer

Experience the AFSeffect with your new family member by sharing your home, your heart and your world as you take your first steps to becoming global.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions from welcoming families like yourself.

Read our FAQs