Why volunteer with AFS Malaysia?

Want to change the world? Volunteer with us. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, empower communities, and grow personally. Connect with amazing people worldwide and build lifelong friendships. Gain professional skills while making a difference.

We’re flexible to fit your schedule and provide ongoing support. Let’s create an impact together!

Volunteer in 4 Easy Steps


Sign up as a volunteer

Fill up the online registration form. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Registration form

Meet AFS volunteers

Find out more about us and what volunteering with AFS is all about. Then together we can clarify the best role for you based on availability, and what you want to learn and do. 


Get trained

Receive basic training to be an AFS Volunteer, including What Every AFSer Should Know About Intercultural Learning™,  to prepare for an engaging, meaningful volunteer assignment. 


Begin your journey

You will have an amazing time no matter what you do for AFS. Work with passionate volunteers and gain intercultural and other skills that will last a lifetime.

What You Can Do?



  • Match AFS students with host families
  • Help host families get to know their AFS student
  • Be a liaison for host schools
  • Introduce international students to your community
  • Check in with students or host families regularly to monitor programs


  • Organize orientations for study abroad and hosting programs
  • Arrange awesome social events and cultural trips
  • Bring host families together to share experiences
  • Set-up information sessions for students, families or volunteers


  • Guide AFSers and others through intercultural learning journeys
  • Introduce students to your country’s culture
  • Facilitate learning through creative activities
  • Share your own global experience and cultural insights

Manage & Lead

  • Launch community projects helping others learn how to respect, appreciate and value other cultures
  • Serve on local AFS groups and boards
  • Learn how to manage local volunteers
  • Inspire others to serve their community


“For me, volunteering has taught me to become a compassionate person. I am able to think more about others and also my community. I am convinced that one small action can create a ripple effect.”

― Najmin Roslan (AFS Volunteer & Returnee)

“For me volunteering is like water which flows in your veins. You can’t say no and you can’t reject it. It helps others to see the world and develop your self-esteem. Why not?”

― Mdm Ong Bee Bee (AFS Volunteer & School Teacher)


AFS Malaysia Volunteers Hall of Fame

We are pleased to celebrate our dedicated volunteers from across the country.

Our volunteers are teachers, university students, parents, and people from all walks of life. They are our proudest ambassadors to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

Learn more about who they are and their positive contributions.