Looking Beyond Borders is the 2021 edition of AFS Malaysia’s annual Volunteer Congress. The event organised by AFS is to connect with AFSers, active or inactive, local or abroad, through engaging activities and talks for team building, networking and intercultural sharing purposes. Our aim is to reconnect with volunteers who have not been able to be as active due to their geographical locations, lack of volunteering opportunities, etc. Furthermore, this event encourages participants to be active in their role as a global citizen and last but not least to remind people that volunteering can be done in small and big ways, especially in this era of globalisation and digitalisation.


Event Name: AFS Malaysia Volunteer Congress 2021

Theme: Looking Beyond Borders

Date: 11-12 December 2021

Platform: Zoom

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AFS transforms volunteers into global citizens and changemakers

We call that the #AFSeffect!

Create change

Change the world by changing minds. Help AFSers and your community appreciate and celebrate cultural differences.


Create community

Join a global community of change-makers and people like you. Serve as a change agent in your community.


Create yourself

Develop practical cross-cultural skills and find your place as a global citizen, leader and changemaker in your community.


Create future

Lead diverse teams at home or around the world and promote inclusive societies for sustainable development. 

How to become an AFS Volunteer


Sign up as a volunteer

Fill up the online registration form. Should you need to know more details on volunteer with AFS Malaysia, please contact: Annie Yap ([email protected]) Chapter & Development Department at: 03 7887 6866 or email to [email protected]

Registration form

Meet AFS volunteers

Find out more about us and what volunteering with AFS is all about. Then together we can clarify the best role for you based on availability, and what you want to learn and do. 


Get trained

Receive basic training to be an AFS Volunteer, including What Every AFSer Should Know About Intercultural Learning™,  to prepare for an engaging, meaningful volunteer assignment. 


Begin your journey

You will have an amazing time no matter what you do for AFS. You’ll meet interesting students, make friends from around the world, work with passionate volunteers and gain intercultural and other skills that will last a lifetime. 

Every volunteer makes a huge impact at AFS



  • Match AFS students with host families
  • Help host families get to know their AFS student
  • Be a liaison for host schools
  • Introduce international students to your community
  • Check in with students or host families regularly to monitor programs


  • Organize orientations for study abroad and hosting programs
  • Arrange awesome social events and cultural trips
  • Bring host families together to share experiences
  • Set-up information sessions for students, families or volunteers


  • Guide AFSers and others through intercultural learning journeys
  • Introduce students to your country’s culture
  • Facilitate learning through creative activities
  • Share your own global experience and cultural insights

Manage & Lead

  • Launch community projects helping others learn how to respect, appreciate and value other cultures
  • Serve on local AFS groups and boards
  • Learn how to manage local volunteers
  • Inspire others to serve their community

Engaging with my community; meeting people from around the world

“For you now have the power to play a part in the realization that peace can come through understanding and through friendship the world over.”

— Stephen  Galatti

Challenge yourself while supporting others

By volunteering with AFS you can:

  • Work closely with experienced volunteers to find creative solutions
  • Take on challenging situations for personal growth
  • Polish practical skills to gain a competitive edge at school or work
  • Train to become an intercultural learning facilitator
  • Learn how to make better decisions and solve problems
  • Develop leaderships skills you will use forever
  • Be connected to a global network of volunteers, families and communities
  • Gain  or improve foreign language skills
  • Help  enrich your local community
  • Develop an intercultural understanding and communication skill

AFS community changemakers in action

Be inspired by innovative AFS changemaking, social impact and community service projects that use intercultural learning activities to address local challenges and bring diverse communities together. 

Award-winning AFS volunteers and changemaking projects

Meet AFS volunteers and their projects

“The AFS experience has given me the desire to be a part of creating a world where people, irrespective of race and religion, have the posibility to live in peace - free from the fear of violence and without discrimination. It is for this reason that my journey with AFS has not ended.” - Hajah Fatimah Mohamed, Returnee, Malaysia to USA

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Volunteers all over Malaysia work together as Chapter Volunteers and with partnership with the National Office to deliver AFS programmes and services. Volunteers are equipped with handbooks and attend local AFS training to ensure they develop the necessary skills to carry out their responsibilities to the highest standard.

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AFS Mission

To engage Malaysians to embrace our differences and celebrate our commonalities through committed volunteerism for a united Malaysia.

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AFS supports UN Sustainable Development Goals

AFS believes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #4 and #16 provide a roadmap to help make our world a better place for all people.

Global Goal #4:


Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

Goal #4 focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to promote “sustainable development” and “sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development. 

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Global Goal #16


Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Goal #16 has three main objectives: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

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Empowering people of all ages to respect and appreciate differences

AFS is an inclusive community of global citizens committed to fostering intercultural learning as a powerful peace-building tool. Through AFS study abroad and changemaking programs, our volunteers help students, young adults, families and others take their first steps to becoming global citizens. 

Explore the legacy AFS volunteerism

Resources and Good Reads


Volunteer Voices

This volunteer-driven blog is a platform where AFSers exchange ideas about their local and global changemaking and social impact activities. At the start of every dream, change and impact, there is a good story.

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Connect: Intercultural Insights for Global Citizens

This digital magazine explores intercultural and global citizenship education, voluntarism and social impact, through articles, interviews, and learning tools created by respected thought leaders and experts.

Read Connect here

AFS Perspectives: Helping the world learn to live together

Written by AFS experts from around the world, this blog champions diverse perspectives about culture and education, inspiring readers to become intercultural leaders of their communities.

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Intercultural Learning (ICL) for AFS & Friends

Series of insightful and concise essays on key intercultural concepts based on research and practical experiences. The series is produced by AFS education experts for anyone studying about or working with intercultural topics.

Access the series

The Volunteers: Americans Join World War I, 1914—1919

This Curriculum for secondary school educators takes a unique approach to volunteerism, intercultural competence and global citizenship education, since the volunteer efforts of young people during World War I until today.

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