Supported by over 5000 volunteers across Malaysia, AFS Malaysia recognises the dedication that our volunteers pour into their work —in their local communities and around the world. Our volunteers are driven by the mission to foster greater intercultural understanding, and create a more just and peaceful world.

Globally, distinguished AFS volunteers can be nominated for two international awards! Our selfless Malaysian volunteers did us proud. Read more about their accomplishments.

AFS Galatti Award

Established in 1983, the AFS Galatti Award honors AFS volunteers whose longtime commitment, dedication and exceptional journey with the organization have advanced the AFS mission and created an impact.

It is awarded in honor of Stephen Galatti, who was Director General of AFS for more than 28 years (1936-1964) and who built and transformed AFS into a world-wide organization that promotes peace and global awareness through intercultural learning experiences.


AFS Galatti Award Winner 2022

Long Tin Piau

Long Tin Piau has been an AFS Malaysia volunteer since 1988, serving as president of a local chapter, supporting participants, host families and volunteers through orientations and training, and organizing various community outreach programs.

He is now a retired teacher whose AFS achievements include growing and leading the chapter of Terengganu since 2006. Having served also as a host family for AFS students several times helped him to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to better understand intercultural education. He organized a grand AFS Parade for Peace during AFS 50th Anniversary in Malaysia. For all of his effort, he has been awarded with the AFS Malaysia Long Service Award in 2016 and AFS AAI award in 2019.

“He has served faithfully for 33 years, devoting almost half of his life for the noble AFS cause. His selfless sacrifice is an exemplary trait for volunteers to follow suit, and his love for the organization is beyond words.” —AFS Malaysia Board


AFS Galatti Award Winner 2015

Lucy Lim Ting Keat

Lucy Lim Ting Keat was awarded the prestigious Galatti Award 2015. She is the second Malaysian volunteer to receive AFS’ highest recognition of volunteerism after Siti Halijah Hassan in 1998.

Lucy was first introduced to AFS in the late 60’s as the elected counsellor of the AFS Program in school. Lucy’s volunteering scope soon expanded to also hosting international volunteers and educators, while dedicating time to organizing community engagement events. In 2007, Lucy organized Terengganu Chapter’s 50th AFS Anniversary event known as “Parade for Peace”.

Always seeking to better the AFS experience, Lucy designed the first Host Family Pre-Arrival Orientation Module for Yayasan AFS Malaysia. Her published work is still used today by the National Office and Chapters across the network in Host Family Orientations.

She was also a representative of the Educator Program in New Zealand and Chief Chaperon of JENESYS Program to Japan. Furthermore, Lucy is currently a Level 2 graduate of the AFS Intercultural Link Learning Program.

In her 30 years of volunteering for AFS, Lucy and her tireless dedication and commitment continues to draw much admiration from all volunteers far and wide. She is keenly regarded as a mentor and a “doting mother” of AFS.


AFS Galatti Award Winner 1998

Siti Halijah Hassan

Siti Halijah Hassan (also known as Kak Jah) has dedicated her life to making a meaningful impact in her community. Her selfless dedication and tireless efforts have earned her widespread recognition, including the prestigious AFS Galatti Award in 1998.

Through Kak Jah’s continuous support, our organization has experienced exponential growth and expanded its outreach. Her remarkable journey as a volunteer has left an indelible mark on the lives she has touched, serving as a testament to the transformative power of volunteering.

Kak Jah’s legacy of compassion and service will continue to shape the future of our programs and initiatives, inspiring generations of volunteers to come. We are profoundly grateful for her selflessness and the immeasurable contributions she has made, and we hope to carry forward her inspiring example for years to come.

AFS Asia Initiative (AAI) Award

Formed in 1991 with AFS Partners in Asia, the AAI Award was created to deepen mutual understanding and to discuss specific issues of the Asia Pacific region. Today, there are 10 partner organizations within AAI such as AFS Hong Kong, AFS Indonesia, AFS Japan, AFS Malaysia, AFS Thailand, AFS Australia and New Zealand.


AFS Malaysia AAI Award Winners 2021

Ong Bee Bee

Ong Bee Bee is often described as dependable, sincere and possessing a true volunteering spirit by her peers. Her school was the first to form a Junior Intercultural Club and she subsequently convinced another primary school to follow suit and launch a similar club in November. She has boundless energy, is always in search of opportunities to execute intercultural activities and is creative in her online sessions. Ong Bee Bee is often described as dependable, sincere and possessing a true volunteering spirit by her peers.

She first came into the AFS Family in 2015 when she hosted a student from France for a year. There was no looking back for her since then. She continued to volunteer as a Liaison Person for a host family in 2016 and took on many other voluntary roles. She went on to become a chapter committee member and now is the Klang Chapter Vice President since 2018. As a music teacher, she has also initiated a lot of cultural activities with her Music Club members in school.


AFS Malaysia AAI Award Winners 2020

Rohaya Md Yusoff

Rohaya started volunteering for AFS Malaysia in 2000. Due to her active work, she was soon appointed the Northern Chapter Leader in 2003, overseeing Kedah (including Langkawi), Penang and Perlis.

With the help of local volunteers, she managed to place many students in all 3 states. In 2014, she was elected Kedah Chapter President. Her home has always been a safe space for many exchange students before moving on to their new host family.

More popularly known as “Aunty Rohaya”, she has kept in touch with most of them. They would return to visit her and vice versa. She has been an inspiration to other chapter leaders through her achievements. Not surprisingly, she was voted “Volunteer Inspirasi Senior” at a Volunteer Congress in 2015.