As 2022 marks the 75th anniversary of AFS exchange programs, the organization’s leaders signed a joint Proclamation at the Partner Network Meeting, stating that: “AFS is always on the side of peace, and condemns in the strongest terms the war in Ukraine. The shadow of this violent conflict, taking place on the same continent where two World Wars were started and in which AFS was founded, reminds us that our work is far from done, and our mission is more relevant, urgent and important than ever before.”

Earlier, Daniel Obst, President of AFS International, had shared with partners that he had spoken with AFS Russia’s management team and conveyed the network’s solidarity and concern for AFS Russia. AFS Russia’s hosting programme will be suspended for 2023 but efforts are being made to ensure sending operations can continue in a financially stable way.

“It is important for AFS to find a way to safely continue people-to-people exchanges in whatever way we can between Russia and the rest of the world,” said Daniel. ”AFS will continue to demonstrate unity, purpose, commitment and organisation to support our shared mission as One AFS,” he added.