A Malaysia-Indonesia Virtual Classroom Exchange was organised by SK Seksyen 13 recently by an Antarabudaya Malaysia volunteer teacher, involving 64 students and 11 teachers.

Klang Vice Chapter President Ong Bee Bee arranged for her primary school students to connect with students of SD Muhamadiyah SAPEN in Yogyakarta every Saturday for a month.

The classroom exchange programme received much interest in Yogyakarta and was covered by the local media there. Topics covered by the schools included school life, places of attraction, local delicacies and popular dishes as well as local folk songs.

At its closing ceremony, students from both sides of the divide performed each other’s popular folk songs. Teachers involved in the programme reported that their students had visibly improved in their level of confidence and command of the English language. “All the students were active, enthusiastic and responsive towards the assignments given, including the younger ones aged seven and eight years old,” said Ong.