SK Seksyen 13 school in Shah Alam has completed yet another virtual classroom exchange, this time with Egypt.

Primary students who are members of the school’s Antarabudaya Club met with their counterparts from Egypt’s Modern School of English for an hour online every Saturday to talk about each other’s country and culture. Topics covered included the country’s profile, religion, population, economy, food, festivals, celebrations and clothing.

As part of their assignment, students also had to share photos and videos of their traditional attire on TikTok and whatsapp.

A total of 64 students and 11 teachers from both schools participated in the classroom exchange using the Google Meet platform.

At a virtual closing ceremony, all participants expressed their thanks for the experience and hopes that they would be able to meet in person one day soon. The teachers concluded that the project had been very beneficial as their students had become more confident to speak in English and improved their command of the language while also making new friends and experiencing a totally different culture.

SK Seksyen 13 Shah Alam has held classroom exchanges in the recent past. During the two-year global pandemic when borders were closed, the school had initiated classroom exchanges with India, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Russia and Bosnia.