Since the announcement that borders are open and mobile exchanges are once again imminent, Penang Chapter has been involved in a flurry of activity to reactivate its volunteer base and reconnect with past and potential CPOs.

Chapter president Datin Teo Hwee Ai (full name) and her deputy Datin Noorliza Leow Abdullah have made courtesy calls to several CPOs who will be hosting a total of five 18+ participants. They will be hosted at Tadika Penang Buddhist association, Children Protection Society, St Nicholas School for the Blind and at Penang Cheshire Home.

Penang Chapter also had four volunteer Liaison Persons attend an online LP workshop in readiness of the 18+ and other student arrivals.

Chapter president Datin Teo pays a courtesy call to a CPO
Debriefing to volunteers in charge of the various CPOs
Meeting to prepare for the arrival of 18+ students to Penang