Antarabudaya Malaysia’s Adviser and board members prepare to do a Prosperity Toss or Yee Sang in conjunction with the Lunar New Year recently.

Yee Sang is a Cantonese style raw fish salad, mixed with shredded vegetables, chopped peanuts, sesame seeds, shrimp crackers and other condiments and sauces. Tossing the salad while expressing loud wishes is considered auspicious and a symbol of abundance, prosperity, health and good luck. According to tradition, the higher the tossing of the ingredients, the luckier it will be for the upcoming new year…and the bigger a mess you make symbolizes the bigger the grounds all these well wishes will cover in your life!

May the Year of the Tiger be a roaring one for Antarabudaya Malaysia as we “build back better” after the pandemic and activate recovery plans that will help provide intercultural learning opportunities through immersive mobile exchanges one again.

Chopsticks on your mark, get set…toss!
Board members expressing good wishes for the year ahead