Would you like to discover a whole new culture without actually travelling? Do you want to show the world there’s more to Malaysia than Petronas Twin Towers and Orang Utans?

Yayasan AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia invites you and your family to play a part in sharing our country, cultures and customs with the world! You will make the lifelong dream of an international student come true, enrich the lives of your family and those in your community and contribute in a significant way to global peace and understanding.

AFS has invited families to welcome international students in their homes since 1947. Long considered a key element in the success of the exchange program and the well being of exchange student, host families provide so much more than shelter and shelter and meals. 

Connection for generations

AFS friendships last a lifetime. By welcoming an AFS student, you are making the world a friendlier place and giving your family an unforgettable experience.

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