As part of the AFS Network Strategy in achieving operational excellence, AFS international have developed an online learning course for Board members called the Governance and Leadership for AFS Board members. This online course compiles the most important policies and procedures, tools, and best practices to help AFS Board members achieve their goals.

 All AFS Malaysia’s board members were registered to attend this self paced interactive online sessions. Upon completion, the Board members attended a Live session with Lucas Welter from AFS International in April.  At this live session the Board Members were able to engage and discuss the complexities of AFS and the different roles volunteers and staff play in AFS.  

All Board members thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session as it gave better understanding of their roles and expectations and brought everyone on the same page to map out the future of AFS. Moving forward, the Board agreed to have further sessions with AFS International on best practices, future learnings and potential collaborations.