The Chair of AFS Malaysia has been appointed one of three Partner Chairs to sit on the 2021 Election Commission for the forthcoming election of Board of Trustees.

The role of the Election Commission is to solicit and confirm nominations and seconds, create and distribute all relevant forms to members to be used in the nomination and election process, coordinate with the Corporate Secretary the development of a complete set of submission forms for all Confirmed Nominees, coordinate on the distribution of proxy and nominee information to be sent to members and carry out other duties as assigned to it by the Board of Trustees.

The Election Commission will also oversee the nomination and election of Partner Director Representatives on the Board of Trustees.

Khalilah Talha joins Partner Chairs Niamh Hill from Ireland and Pedro Firmo of Brazil on the Election Commission and will meet via conference calls to coordinate the above with the Corporate Secretary of AFS International, Maria Britzi. This is Khalilah’s second tour of duty on the Election Commission, the first being for the election of Board of Trustees at the 2018 Annual General Meeting in Budapest, Hungary. 

The formal 2021 Annual General Meeting will take place sometime in October or November on a date to be determined soon. 

Presenting the results of the BOT election at the 2018 AGM
BOT candidate Vishaka giving her three-minute presentation watched closely by Election Commission members
A wefie break after the votes are counted