Foundations of Intercultural Learning and Global Competence is the new introductory level of the AFS Intercultural Link Learning Program — a training and assessment program to increase intercultural and global competence as volunteers and staff.  

Participants of this course will:

  • Discover how AFS creates impact
  • Learn tools to understand differences and suspend judgment
  • Explore cultural dimensions and intercultural communication strategies
  • Reflect on ways to make AFS more inclusive at the local level
  • Get inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals to take action in your community

This course was designed for all staff members and volunteers. However, AFS Malaysia  must approve each enrollment before a participant can register.

Foundations is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, French and Arabic (videos are recorded with English audio and feature subtitles in those languages).

This is a self-paced course, which means participants themselves decide how fast or slow they want to go. The online course consists of 11 modules with videos, forum questions, quizzes, and activities. Each module should take between 20 to 60 minutes to complete. During the course, Qualified Trainers will moderate three 90-minute Live Sessions where participants will meet others from their global cohort and dive deeper into the course topics.

Volunteers and staff are encouraged to enroll for this course as the benefits are many. Among them, participants can meet AFS volunteers and staff from around the world,  increase intercultural awareness and global competence for a more effective role within AFS, it is self-paced but there are also live sessions where there are opportunities to meet fellow cohort members, and the course is also engaging and fun.

Those who have taken the original “Level W” course should take Foundations because there is new and improved content (Understanding Inequality, Active Global Citizenship, etc.), new tasks and activities, it is a great refresher and there are forum reflections, 2D animation videos, quizzes, activities and more.

What participants say about this course

“Make sure this course reaches as many people as possible. It’s wonderful!!”

– Sherifa Fayez, AFS Egypt Partner Director

“I think Foundations should be made available to all stakeholders of AFS, it’s very insightful and a great refresher even if you’ve gone through a previous ICL training.”

– Zeenat Ameena, AFS Ghana volunteer 

“The Foundations online course is really engaging. I am sure it will receive a wonderful response from whosoever that opts for it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful course.”

– Ajay Mehta, AFS India volunteer 

“I like the fact that new but very relevant topics are added, for example Understanding Inequality & Active Global Citizenship. Doing this made me realize that conducting Level W online is actually possible! I initially had doubts, but after completing it, I can see that this is feasible. I was able to relearn certain topics and view it from a different angle.”

– Sophie Ismail, AFS Malaysia staff member


The online course is $15USD per learner.

New Groups starting on:

– In Spanish: 29 March, 17 May, 16 August, 15 October.

– In English: 5 April, 5 May, 1 July, 1 Sept, 1 November

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