By Linda Stuart

Our newest virtual exchange program, AFS Global You Changemaker, offered together with the University of Pennsylvania, is here. Students from Latin America and Asia are part of the first (pilot) cohort that began on January 19.

What is the Changemaker program?

This is a new 12-week online education program focused on Active Global Citizenship and social impact. Teens ages 15-17 develop their identities as Active Global Citizens, connect with peers around the world, and learn strategies from experts to begin social impact projects in their communities. Upon successfully completing the online modules, live sessions and project prototype, they will receive the Advanced Certificate on Global Citizenship for Social Impact  issued by AFS and the Center for Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania.

How is Changemaker different from Adventurer?

Both programs allow AFS to offer students an intercultural learning experience during this time when travel is restricted.

Global You Adventurer focuses on the basics of building global competence and runs 5 weeks for 20 hours of learning. In 2020, 300 teens from more than 40 countries completed the program with a 94% overall satisfaction rate; an academic research on learning outcomes will be conducted beginning in 2021. There are over 12 start dates in 2021.

Global You Changemaker uses a more advanced curriculum focusing on social impact in addition to global competence over 12 weeks for 40 hours of learning. It was developed by AFS in partnership with the Center for Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. There are 4 program start dates in 2021: March, June, September and November.


A globally managed program that benefits AFS Partners

Enrollment for the Changemaker is global: any teen based anywhere can sign up and join a global cohort for fun, learning and impact. Interested students can apply online. Tuition is US$490 and all participants are encouraged to continue their AFS experience by taking part in our in-person exchanges.

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