Few experiences can spark interest in the world like opening up your home and becoming a host family for an international student.

1. Is my family right for this?
Absolutely! All you need to be a great host family is space in your heart and in your home. AFS families come in all shapes and sizes.

2. What am I getting myself into?
You are not a hotel, you are not tour guides and you are not expected to pay for everything. The primary commitment of an AFS host family is to provide a safe and healthy home environment through which an AFS participant can live great intercultural experiences. Food and bedding are essential logistical elements as love and care are emotional ones.

3. What happens if we get into an argument?
Even the best families have conflicts, and often. They show you care! Communicating feelings and externalizing expectations are at the core of working through them. AFS pays special attention to this in the trainings and orientations we provide both families and participants.

4. Who do I call if something goes wrong?
One of the things that sets AFS apart is the support we provide to participants and host families. Not only do we have dedicated support staff, but we also have a huge network of trained volunteers that are eager to help. Each participant and family will be assigned a dedicated support person to regularly follow up on how things are going.

5. How does this benefit my family?
Hosting and AFSer doesn’t only make their experience possible, but by sharing your home, your culture, yourself and your family will be embarking on a learning journey too.

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