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Welcome the world to your home! Do you want to show the world there’s more to Malaysia than Petronas Twin Towers and Orang Utans?

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The AFS Centennial Celebrations

The AFS Centennial celebrates the courage, spirit and vision of our founders—the World War I and II ambulance drivers of the American Field Service. AFS Intercultural Programs, the AFS driver's legacy, remains committed to serving others through the 43,000 AFS volunteers supporting our programs around the world.

Celebrate with us in Paris!

AFS Intercultural Programs is hosting a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of AFS'ers from around the world to commemorate our past, celebrate our present and envision our future. AFS Centennial Celebrations will be held in Paris this November. We welcome everyone in the AFS Network, AFS Returnees and Spouses or Partners, AFS Volunteers, AFS Staff, AFS Families, Friends and Supporters to join the celebration. Save the date and reserved your spot today!

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Welcome to the world of AFS!

Each year, Yayasan AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia sends more than 200 exchange students abroad for year, semester and short term programs (including programs that focus on language study and community service), and welcomes more than 100 exchange students from other countries to Malaysia.

While in Malaysia, students study in local high schools and live with host families to learn what it is like to live as a member of a family and community within our country.

AFS impact can be seen through the success of the former AFS participants. Many have achieved careers as diplomats, educators, business executives and involved members of their communities. AFS offers the world a greater hope for a lasting peace when an important segment of the leadership of the world shares the powerful bond of an AFS experience. Learn more about us

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