Why should you choose AFS?

It is a very important question when deciding on which organisation to send you child away for the experience of a lifetime. We encourage that you do your research, and ask as many questions as possible. Below are just a few of the many reasons over 400,000 participants have chosen AFS as their preferred organisation.

When you go on an AFS program, you are on an AFS run and facilitated program – the entire trip!

This is one thing that sets AFS apart from many other student exchange organisations – in every country we send student to, we have our own AFS office, with AFS staff and volunteers on the ground doing all the work. We do not have contracts with other ‘partner organisations’ where we have to pay huge amounts of fees. We also do not send your child to organisations who don’t have the same rules and safety procedures.

Each of our offices’ use the same online systems ensuring instant contact is available when it is really needed. This also means we can provide you with the best priced programs, and the peace of mind knowing that your child will be supported by the entire international network of AFS – all 55 destinations!  We believe this is the most important and uniqe thing about AFS!

We encourage you to research your preferred student exchange provider, make sure though you always ask “who actually facilitates my exchange while I am in the country?”.


What's Included in the AFS Program Fee?

Whats Included

It is important to know what is and isn’t included in the total AFS program fee. Costs for each exchange vary depending on program length and country visited.

Our pricing is based around making the exchange process as simple as possible for our participants. We try to bundle as much value into the one fee to make it easy for you.

The AFS Pricing Guarantee: AFS guarantees that the price you are quoted at the time your exchange is confirmed will not change. Other student exchange providers will increase your participation fee in response to exchange rate fluctuations but with AFS “what we say is what you pay”.

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Every experience with AFS is priceless

Every exchange is different. Every participant is different. However, when a participant decides to take his life in his own hands, he will be rewarded with life-changing experiences and personal development beyond comparison.


Safety & Risk Management

International exchange is a journey for a participant into something new, and new things can bring risks. Risk Management at AFS makes it possible to embrace the new and still have a safe, successful exchange.

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Impact of AFS Programs

AFS program gives its participants, host families, and connected audiences deeper insights into the perspectives of people from other cultures to help individuals improve their understanding of the unfamiliar. As a result, AFS participants are better prepared at coping with ambiguity and differences in future situations.

Career & Academic Choice

Almost 50% of AFS participants are more likely to study abroad during university as well as live and work abroad for an extended period.


Intercultural Sensitivity

AFS participants show increased intercultural development and more global awareness.


Personal Development Growth

A post-exchange study show that 39% of AFS alumni prefer to live in a diverse neighborhood compared to only 28% of their peers.

Language Skills

Language Skills

Over 70% of AFS participants achieve fluency in another language after a year of immersive experience abroad.

FAQ for Parents

For over 70 years, AFS has an exceptional reputation for providing quality international programs that develop skills essential to succeed in the 21st Century. The AFS experience:

  • Builds confidence, broadens perspectives and enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Includes respected intercultural education and language learning components that are valued by universities and employers.
  • Offers fun adventures that make learning easy and meaningful to teens.
  • Provides lifelong access to a global community of friends, connections and volunteer opportunities.

AFS International Participant Standards

AFS participants need to demonstrate the ability to live and learn effectively in a new cultural environment where they are totally immersed.

There are nine personal qualities that research and experience have shown to be especially valuable in enabling people to meet the challenges of an extended intercultural living experience. These qualities form the AFS international standards for sending students.

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