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    Intercultural learning | Diversity/Inclusion | Teaching my standards through a global lens | Sustainable Development Goals/Global Goals | Webinars about unique cultures around the world | Webinars about innovative topics led by former exchange students
    Exchanging lesson ideas | Participating in a Global Education Advisory Board |Highlighting your students’ projects/work
    Partnering with a school abroad for virtual exchange | Partnering with a school/classroom abroad for physical exchange | Participating in a teacher exchange
    Working with Malaysian students who want to go abroad and their families | Supporting exchange students outside of the school context | Planning social events for exchange students and host families | Chaperoning events and experiences for exchange students
    Intercultural learning tips and tools | International Education Week updates | Global project & lesson ideas delivered to your inbox
    Program destinations, durations and themes | Scholarship information to help my students go abroad
    Presentations about intercultural learning | Presentations about opportunities to go abroad for current students | Presentations about hosting exchange students | Presentations about scholarship programs and projects | Invite someone to share with students at a college fair
    Hosting a group of international students for a short period | Hosting individual exchange students throughout the school year | Starting an AFS Club in my school | Initiating/Amplifying an international festival/fair in my school