The GCC program meets the needs of staff, faculty, and professionals across a variety of disciplines from around the world whether or not they’ll have a study abroad experience. Learn skills that are required to effectively work with individuals and organizations from cultural backgrounds other than our own—competencies for every workplace.

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You will have

  • Individual accounts for online learning environment
  • Online modules with video content subtitled in multiple languages
  • Online forum space for reflecting with peers from around the world
  • Online quizzes and assignments related to content
  • Facilitated Dialogue sessions (online or in-person) run by a Qualified Facilitator
  • A certificate upon completion

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A proven quality product based on solid intercultural theory and learning principles

“As we considered options to scale intercultural mentoring and learning for our students who study abroad for a semester or longer, the Global Competence Certificate easily rose to the top of the list of available options. It is a proven quality product based on solid intercultural theory and learning principles. We are thrilled about our partnership and how it will help us take our intercultural learning activities to a next level.”

Michael A. Brzesinski
Dean, International Programs Office, Purdue University 

How much time is needed to global up with the GCC?

The GCC is very flexible and can be implemented over different durations that best suit your needs and availability – in a span of anywhere from two weeks to one year.

7 to 9 hours to complete

A closer look into the GCC educational learning goals

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Become more self-aware

  • Increase cultural self-awareness through reflection
  • Identify and understand how cultural groups shape their ways of feeling, thinking, & behaving
  • Analyze and reflect on power relations, privilege and inequality
ICL Teach (3)

Increase awareness of others

  • Suspend judgment and be flexible in new and different cultural contexts
  • Apply effective, appropriate strategies to deal with ambiguous situations
  • Describe and manage responses to your own cultural biases and emotional triggers
  • Be aware of personal limits and be open to seek support
ICL Teach (4)

Learn how to manage emotional responses

  • Recognize and understand patterns of behavior and values of people from different cultural context
  • Empathize with culturally different others
ICL Teach (1)

Learn how to bridge across difference

  • Initiate and develop relationships with people from different cultures
  • Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately in different cultural contexts

Easy to scale, impressive results

“GCC learners are more effective intercultural communicators, they are equipped to resolve conflict and are able to bridge differences.”

—Study by Purdue University, 2018


Customize the GCC to support your institution

A customized package for the GCC includes:

  • Core GCC program
  • Separate, individualized URL
  • Whitebranding options: photo/logo/color scheme, email headers (reply to, title from) handouts, GCC certificate
  • Up to 3 hours of custom development: creation of additional modules, editing text, forum discussion questions, shifting courses between phases, adding checkpoints, etc., as approved by AFS
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