AFS Effect+ Program are customizable, interactive workshops that introduce young people to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they can work together to help advance these goals in their communities. The program also helps teens take their first steps to becoming active global citizens by including intercultural learning and discussions of global issues.

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Who is Effect+ for?

These workshops are designed to engage young people, especially between 15-17 years old.


How is Effect+ implemented?

  1. AFS partners with local educational and youth organizations or schools.
  2. These local groups identify youth leaders who will benefit from the program.
  3. Participants take part in a 1-day or longer experiential workshop to explore their role as global citizens and learn to exercise their power as changemakers. The workshops include:
    – interactive dialogues with SDG specialists and experts,
    – hands-on activities on intercultural learning and changemaking, and
    – the opportunity to engage in post-event social impact activities in their communities.

Effect+ Program around the world


Since it started in 2018, the Effect+ program has:

  • Been implemented in 10 countries: Brazil, Dominican Republic, France, Guatemala, Italy*, India, Latvia, Mexico, Peru and Spain
  • Engaged 120 schools and educational communities
  • Reached 4,500+ teens!

We learned the qualities required to be a global citizen, a changemaker. We learned to look from different perspectives to start the change from within ourselves right now.

– Darshan Prema, Effect+ participant, India


About AFS

AFS Intercultural Programs develops active global citizens, empowers schools and institutions, and expands access to intercultural education to build a more just and peaceful world. Through our global exchange programs, education initiatives, volunteerism, and advocacy, we provide more people with the intercultural skills and understanding to actively contribute to society and create change. AFS has researched, designed and delivered outstanding intercultural learning and global competence programs for students, teachers and volunteers in over 60 countries for over 75 years.

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