• AFS collects and uses personally identifiable information (PII) that you submit;
  • AFS collects and uses this PII for the purpose of providing AFS services, for marketing and communication in relation to these services, and for performing research;
  • For the purpose of providing its services, AFS may transfer this PII to AFS organizations and other parties involved in the provision of AFS services in your home country and in other countries;
  • AFS transfers this PII across international borders to securely store this information in other countries. Currently those locations are in the US, Germany and Thailand;
  • You have the right to access and update your PII at any time;
  • In some circumstances you have the right to request the erasure of your PII;
  • AFS may use (third party) cookies and other similar techniques to obtain information from you when using the AFS websites in order to facilitate your use of these websites;
  • If you are a minor and your parent’s/legal guardian’s consent is required for you to provide PII, ask for your parent’s/legal guardians for permission.

PII includes amongst other things, your name, your home and e-mail address, your date of birth, your (mobile) telephone number, schools and university attended, highest grade/qualification received, year of graduation, area of study, social media links, an image, photo or video of you, specific AFS program information (type, year, etc.), travel details, a personal statement, your CV or resumé, certain medical history and medical disclosures, as well as answers to specific questions.

Please note that this is only a summary of the entire Privacy Policy enabling the reader to have a quick understanding of the content of this Privacy Policy. This summary does not replace the Privacy Policy.


AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc. (together with its Network Organizations and its Subsidiary, as those terms are defined below, collectively referred to herein as “AFS”) is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personally identifiable information. AFS works hard to create an online experience that is detailed, efficient and productive by using the information you entrust us responsibly. AFS is committed to respecting your privacy and adhering to the principles of applicable data protection and privacy laws throughout the world.

We have provided this Privacy Policy as an explanation of the information we collect, how we use it, how the use of this information can benefit your experience on our websites and during your relationship with us, with whom and for what purposes we may share the information, and the choices you can make about our use of the information. We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of the information and how you can contact us about our privacy practices. Our privacy practices may vary among the countries in which we operate to reflect local practices and legal requirements. We wish to help you make informed decisions, so please read the sections below.