AFS Malaysia recently launched a public donation campaign via Instagram to raise funds for Malaysian students to participate in online intercultural learning programs. Generous donors will even have scholarships named after them for a minimum contribution of RM10,000.  

With physical programs now not possible due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,  AFS continues to innovate and now offers intercultural learning programs digitally.

AFS International has introduced several impactful online programs. There are four versions of AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC) for teens, educators and working adults. These programs are run by local AFS qualified facilitators. AFS Malaysia has successfully conducted GCC at Home for 100 educators from the Ministry of Education Malaysia and teachers in public schools last year.  

Aside from GCC, two new programs conducted by AFS International offer an opportunity for Malaysian students to meet with their peers globally. They are the Global You Changemaker (GYC) for students between the ages of 15 and 17, and the Global You Adventurer (GYA) for students ages between 14 and 17. 

AFS Malaysia aims to make these online programs accessible to MORE Malaysian students to provide them with intercultural learning that will broaden their perspectives and enhance their interpersonal skills. The amount sought is as follows:

* RM2,020 – A student will be able to join the GYC program and receive an Advanced Certificate on Global Citizenship for Social Impact issued by AFS and the Center for Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania.

* RM1,300 – A student will be able to join the GYA program and receive the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) from AFS.

* Any amount – will be pooled with other contributors to make the amount required for any one of the programs above. 

While any amount of donation is welcome, a minimum donation of  USD1,000 (RM4,200) will benefit five students for GYC and GYA combined, and the donor’s name will be published on AFS IP Annual Report. For any contribution amounting to RM10,000 and above, a scholarship will be named after the donor.