By: Hariiharahn P. Rajendran – YES 2020 (YES Alumni Committee Vice President)

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a day to commemorate cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women and it is primarily viewed as the backbone of the women’s rights movement. YES Alumni Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Alumni of American Exchange Program (MAAP) conducted a webinar to commemorate IWD with experienced speakers sharing their professional insights regarding the subject. 

The Confident and Empowered Women Webinar magnified the struggles of women in the workplace and how both men and women can combat the severity of this issue in modern society.  Mohana Ramanee Thamilrasu,  Eva Khoo and Rizal Rozhan shared their perspectives on the topic and actively engaged with the audience by deconstructing decades-long myths that have tainted this subject matter.

A total of 39 participants from all over the world joined the online webinar and it highlighted how people from all walks of life are helping to strengthen the global position of women. The webinar was also streamed live on FB to attain a wider audience and participants  actively engaged with the speakers, sparking debate and discussions and a lively atmosphere throughout the session. The webinar discussed ways on how women can succeed in a working environment, take control of one’s life as well as eradicate the notion of toxic masculinity amongst men. These issues were viewed in a 3-dimensional manner that allowed the conversation to lead to a potential ideal society in which equality can be attained in all key aspects of life.

The topics presented challenged the status quo and truly resonated with participants as real world examples were quoted, further stimulating an emotional response for many. Condensing centuries’ worth of information into a 2-hour session is truly a challenge but the speakers managed to highlight the key attributes and build a foundation on what will hopefully be an equal society in the coming years. This webinar served as an eye opener for many and has allowed participants to gain valuable insights on the topic of women empowerment.

The YES Alumni MAS and MAAP collaboration garnered positive feedback from all attendees as the issue was presented in an unbiased manner to stimulate mature discussion with regard to empowering women. The Q&A session with the speakers also served as a way for curious participants to gain new ideas and solutions. Overall, the Confident and Empowered Women Webinar is a step in the right direction to one day hopefully live in a world where every day is Women’s Day and equality can be attained by all.