Intercultural Learning (ICL)

In 2019, the Training, Learning & Education (ICL) team expanded its outreach on Intercultural Learning (ICL) by reaching out to both stakeholders and non-stakeholders. Besides carrying out the foundations to ICL, AFS Malaysia boosted its volunteer competency by conducting the following :-

  • ICL Level W (Foundation in ICL)
  • Regional ICL Level 1 (ICL Content Learning)
  • Regional ICL Qualified Trainers Workshop (ICL Train the Trainer Programme)
  • ICL Host Family Learning Journey (Specially designed module for AFS Host Families)
  • ICL Liaison Person workshop (Specially designed module for contact/liaison persons to AFS participants/host families)

As part of the initiative to expand and develop the ICL branding in Malaysia, AFS explored the ICL foundations with educators and undergraduates, who are the key mentors and future leaders of tomorrow. The ICL specific modules were conducted for the following :-

  • ICL for Educators (Module for teachers at SK Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Selangor)
  • ICL for Finishing School (Module for UITM Rembau, Negeri Sembilan  undergraduates)
  • ICL for Finishing School (module for UITM Seremban, Negeri Sembilan undergraduates)

Global Competency Certificate (GCC)

This year, AFS Malaysia joined hands with its network partners to develop and train its staff and volunteers in the area of global knowledge and preparation under the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) programme. The GCC programme is a blended learning that develops tangible global skills which are essential to live and work as well as make a difference around the world through social impact. A total of 14 staff and volunteers were trained as GCC Qualified Facilitators in this programme which will be essential for the GCC programme across the globe.

  • GCC Workshop (June 2019)
  • Regional GCC Workshop (November 2019)

AFS Facilitatorship & Mentoring Programmes

In line with the AFs networks’ initiative to provide a volunteer cycle journey, AFS Malaysia continues to develop and provide essential learning skills to our facilitators for AFS and non-AFS orientations. Each year, AFS Malaysia produces  approximately 30 orientation facilitators who will embark on a facilitator role throughout the year to orientate participants before, during and after the programme. They are trained on facilitation, leadership and problem solving skills which will enable them to become effective facilitators. Besides the facilitators programme, we have developed a pool of mentors who have gained experiences as facilitators at orientations and other AFS learning programmes. The mentor pool was created to enhance their skills and to provide a platform to learn, develop and share their knowledge with junior facilitators. Mentors are given on the job experience to mentor, evaluate, observe and document assessment sessions by facilitators. Besides that, a workshop on supporting AFS stakeholders was conducted to gain an insight into the new generational challenges and prepare the support staff and volunteers on managing both participants and volunteers in coping with the evolving world we are in today. Among the programmes conducted in 2019 were :-

  • Orientation Facilitator Workshop (June 2019)
  • Mentor Workshop (July 2019)  
  • Support Staff & Volunteers Workshop (November 2019)

We hope to expand and explore more training, learning and educational opportunities in the near future.

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