The hosting number for 2019 totaled 35 participants in all, with 24 school-based (SH19 & NH19) and 11 participants under the 18+ community service program for both SH and NH cycles.  Japan, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Argentina and Hungary are the sending partners for the school-based program and Germany remains as the major sending partner for 18+ community service program.

Hosted students experienced multi-festive celebrations throughout the year during the Festive Exchange program, where placements were arranged for the students to live with a different host family of a different race to understand and experience the different celebrations.  For those living with a Chinese family, we will place them in an Indian or Malay family during the Deepavali and Eid Celebrations, and vice versa, during the Chinese New Year celebration. In this way, students get to experience the richness of our multiculturalism, regardless of the cultural heritage of the families they are placed with.  This Festival Exchange has always been the most treasured experience for the hosted students.

Students were also given an opportunity to explore living with another host community for two weeks on a program we call Short Term Exchange, or STE.

During the two week exchange, students will get  to learn about the very unique and authentic cultural experience  in different states in Malaysia such as Sarawak and Perak.   STE is always one of the most awaited cultural enrichment activities by the hosted students in Malaysia.  It is conducted twice a year, in March (NH Batch) and in September (SH Batch).

Below is the breakdown of the Hosting Program in Malaysia for the SH19 and NH19 Batch.


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