What an irony,
The field we study,
For a reputable degree,
About the art of the human body,
We pay through our noses for the study fee,
For some an achievement of a lifetime dream,
For the world now look at us with esteem.

We work through hours, tirelessly,
Sometimes so overwhelming, we forget to pee,
We laugh, we cry, but we never flee,
Patients’ well-being our constant priority,
A safety blanket we can guarantee,
A smile on your face, is all we need,
Regardless of us, as long as you’re healthy.

But, is it all true?
Behind closed doors do we feel blue?
Behind closed doors can we get through?
Can someone walk a mile in our shoe?
Experiencing everything including our view,
And decide that are we the stamps of virtue?
Or are we the ones that need to be rescued.

Dr. Eujene Liyu [Japan ’06 – Egypt ’07 – Italy ’08]

A proud returnee from Pahang Chapter, son of Mdm. Wong Choo Ching, a veteran volunteer of AFS Malaysia for more than 15 years. Dr. Liyu is currently posted in Hospital Lawas in Sarawak.