I’ve been spending my MCO dusting off my long unplayed Fender Modern Player Dimension bass guitar and revisiting songs/exercises I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but putting off due to school work.

My bass guitar playing journey had quite a beginning last year. I had joined a musical production and was asked to play bass guitar despite never having played as no one else had auditioned. However, I felt adventurous and I went straight out to a local music shop, picking up a used bass guitar before binge watched YouTube videos learning how to play.

After the production had ended, my bass had been lying unused since. Therefore, with the extra time afforded by this MCO, I decided to go back to playing the instrument, exploring different styles of music from rock, jazz, funk and pop genres, finding back an interest for this instrument, which has turned out to be quite indispensable in a contemporary band setting.

I’ve noticed that there is a relatively small number of bass players relative to the number of keyboardists, guitarists and drummers out there, which is a little bit of a shame considering it’s surprisingly simple to start enjoyable to play! Therefore, if anyone has been considering learning a new instrument, perhaps a bass guitar could be an unconventional choice to consider!