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4 Academy focuses in 5 destinations


Human Right

explore human rights issues such as racism, gender quality, unemployment, LGBTQ+ rights and more



for the budding scientists amongst us with options around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Culture and Language

for the young explorers looking to become global communicators, make new friends and experience new cultures



programs revolving around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals from climate change to conservation

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Enjoy a truly transformational experience with one month at a Danish “Efterskole” exploring cultural differences, learning Danish and English and participating in interesting activities and cultural excursions. Experience the vibrant social life at the school, as each year Ranum welcomes hundreds of students from Denmark and around the world.

  • Experience the joy of attending a traditional Danish “Efterskole”
  • Live and learn alongside students from Denmark and diverse cultures around the world
  • Experience a huge variety of exciting extra-curricular activities in your spare time with your new friends
  • Visit a Danish family
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Improve you knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), while discovering Egypt! Explore the beauties of Cairo and become a member of anEgyptian host families. This program is a unique opportunity to experience the Egyptian culture, visit the great Giza pyramids, Old Cairo and Modern Cairo. In this homestay program, you’ll join a robotics workshop and a recreation day designed by our volunteers.

  • Learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals workshop
  • Join STEM workshops, find out more about robotics
  • Unique cultural visits
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Exciting STEM camp for International students and native English speakers. Join a unique 20 summer program that allows you to enhance their STEM knowledge and skills. Trinity College Dublin is based in the heart of Dublin city where Facebook, Google and Amazon have made their homes. Expand your scientific vocabulary, as well as enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Work in teams alongside STEM experts and engage in activities such as designing mathematical functions; building micro controlled projects; and having fun with Newton’s laws of motion.

  • STEM and English classes in International groups or and Irish Cultural Studies for native English speakers
  • Social and cultural program with a wide range of activities and excursions
  • Residential accommodation with full board
  • Diploma certifying the student’s attendance and competency
  • Irish Host family visit option
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During this program students will learn and practice Arabic / French  surrounded by Tunisia’s rich and diverse culture. Positioned in the center of the Mediterranean, Tunisia has always been a melting pot of civilizations and cultures, throughout its 3,000 year history and its prehistoric past of El Guettar (Gafsa).

Tunisia is considered to be one of the first sanctuaries of humanity with ethnic diversity and intercultural dialogue characterizing the nation. In 1857 the fundamental pact (Ahd el Aman) abolished slavery, gave freedom of religious  practice, equality before the law as well as tax, security of minorities and free practice of trades by foreigners living in Tunisia.

  • Tunisian life during a homestay
  • Certified Intensive Modern Standard Arabic Course
  • Intercultural Learning
  • Cultural excursions to incredible locations
  • Social and leisure activities

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An unforgettable 2 – 4 weeks’ experience for Young Learners at Celtic English Academy in Cardiff, UK. The immersion experience combines a varied social and cultural programme with engaging English lessons so that learners can experience Welsh and British culture and heritage they’ll never forget in one of the top ten places in the world to visit.

  • Improving your English skills with 15 hrs of General English per wk
  • 1 Global Communication & Culture workshop per wk
  • Exciting day trips to historic cities London, Oxford & Bath
  • An interesting and varied Social and Cultural Activity Programme
  • A local community experience, discovering life in Cardiff
  • Stay in homestay accommodation and see British life
  • Connect with people from the UK and around the world
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What is Global Competence?

In a more interconnected world, we all must not only learn to participate but also appreciate and benefit from cultural differences

At AFS we aim to develop responsible citizens through intentional intercultural learning, to inspire you to take action in your community and the world.

As a participant in an AFS Academy, you will be guided through the AFS Student Learner Journey. This curriculum is designed to support your international experience, before, during and after. It involves both online modules as well as local orientations and learning moments that encourage you to learn more about yourself, broaden your perspectives on global issues and concerns, and help you understand that workable solutions need to be culturally sensitive to succeed.

The content is designed to meet key educational goals that help learners develop as Active Global Citizens in the following areas:

  • Personal Growth
  • Co-creating with others
  • Understanding the World
  • Taking Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

The AFS Academies are short-term, theme-based programs for high school students between the ages of 14 and 18, designed to engage students with hands-on activities, learn skills vital to becoming a global citizen, and empower you to change your world.


Why choose AFS for your short program?

AFS has a proud history of over 100 years contributing to a mission founded on the ideals of volunteerism and intercultural understanding. As an exchange organization, AFS has over 70 years experience running programs for high school students and young adults. With over 12,000 participants per year and an alumni of over 500,000 you can rest assured the programs are tried and tested!

All our programs provide extensive intercultural learning opportunities actively guiding your students to increase their Global Competence. Development of this “power skill” is critical for access to 21st century employment and ongoing education. Our portfolio includes themed opportunities in our four focusses around the world.