What you will do on the program?

The PEACE Program involves a school exchange and volunteer work. Besides going to school in Europe participants of the age of 15-17 are going to take part in the “GC in you” project and the “Active Program”. For the “GC in you” project the students will pick one topic of a provided list and work on it independently. For the “Active Program” the students are going to do volunteer work in their hosting communities. At the end of their stay all participants will hold a presentation for each project in Brussels, Belgium.
Iceland with friends

What is PEACE Program?


AFS/EFIL PEACE Program aims at promoting peace in Europe and Asia through global citizenship education. The PEACE Program stands for “Peace in Europe and Asia through global Citizenship Education”.  Peace was born in 2016  to connect Europe and Asia through a trimester secondary-school exchange.

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Why global citizenship education

We believe that global citizenship education is key in promoting global peace. The PEACE program therefore focuses on educating its participants, volunteers and schools in:

Gaining a wider concept of citizenship

Alice Tai Belgium-Flanders 2015-16 Photo 6-4-16, 2 24 13 PM

Appreciating global diversity


Being a global citizen


Recognize the importance of intercultural dialogue as an element in promoting peace

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Implementing global citizenship activities throughout the program and in the future


Need more info?

For more info regarding this program, feel free to call our office number at 03-78876866  and speak with Nani Taha at [email protected]