A land of symbols and legends: from the sacred clover plant to the Leprechauns, the famous goblins dressed in green with beards and hats, not forgetting the harp of Brian Boru, a valiant Irish leader, official symbol of Eire, the Republic of Ireland.

The immense expanses of meadows and pastures that occupy more than two thirds of the territory, together with the cliffs and the wide bays on the Atlantic Ocean, make it special. Dublin, one of the most vibrant European capitals, offers cultural and artistic itineraries, following the traces left by those who, like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, were born here.




Discover the “Emerald Isle” with its breathtaking scenery, friendly people, rich history and vibrant culture. Located on the western edge of Europe Ireland is a small island with a lot to offer from our dramatic coastline like the Cliffs of Moher, our rural heartlands, hiking trails & waterways, picturesque villages and castles to our lively towns and cities. Irish people are known to have the craic – the Irish word for fun 🙂 Music, sport and festivals are central to Irish life and culture.

The school programs in Ireland have an annual, half-yearly, quarterly duration and are offered in collaboration with the AFS partner in Ireland, which is called Experiment in International Living Ireland (EIL); in addition to these, a summer program is available which includes a four-week English language course, in collaboration with some language schools in various locations throughout the country.

It should be noted that in Ireland host families, both those participating in school programs and those in summer programs, receive financial support and therefore do not host completely free of charge.
Finally, it should be underlined that for the quarterly program only, the Italian families of the candidates are required to undertake to host a foreign student during the same period as their children’s stay abroad.

  • Friendly warm hearted people
  • Discover our famous traditional music and dance
  • Discover why we always have the craic (the irish word for fun)
  • Our passion for sports but especially Gaelic Football & Hurling
  • Get immersed in our rich history and visit our historic castles
  • Language learning – English and Irish (known as Gaelic to some)
  • Delve into our literature home of 4 Nobel prize winners
  • Our Wild Atlantic Way – 2
  • 500KM coastal tour route
  • Breathtaking scenery and our forty shades of green


Students require 3rd party liability insurance for any claim that may be brought against the student for damage, whether intentional or not, caused by the student. Ireland will not cover any expenses brought on the Host Family or third party by the participant – students are not covered by the Host Families insurance.

All participants to Ireland must purchase an insurance to cover liability. Sending partners must ensure that the Insurance policy is uploaded to the participants’ online application. Ireland reserves the right to deny applicants without valid 3rd party liability.

Students need to pay for their own books and other school expenses such as stationery, school journal and lockers.

Not all students need to take public transport to schools but for those who do the student needs to pay for their school public transport.

All students need to wear a uniform to school. Student need to buy and pay for their school uniform. They will be helped with this by their Host Family.

SCHOOL – Transition Year
If a student is doing TY then they need to pay the costs associated with this.