Shortlisted candidates for
MEXT 2017 to Japan Namelist

MEXT   is a government sponsored program.  Please note that the final decision lies with the placement by the AFS host country. We will send your application form to  Japan. The status of your application is confirmed once we receive the results from the said country and we will duly inform you if you are successful or not. The program date is from  4th October 2017  till  6th November 2017.

If you accept this offer, kindly log on to:   for the International Forms (Pre-App & Full-App). You will need to fill up the Pre-application form first and submit the complete form to us. We will notify you within 3 working days to complete the full application form via email.  Please check your email regularly since the communication will be through email. 

Please fill up the forms online and return the printed copy of your complete forms to us via mail latest by  18th July 2017.

Please be reminded that this is an  offer of partial scholarship  to participate in the program.  The cost that you are required to pay for this program is  RM 7,000.00. 

Kindly enclose a payment of  RM7,000.00.  The cheque should be made payable to “Yayasan AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia”.

AFS Malaysia would like you to return a copy of the documents as stated below latest by   18th July 2017 :

a) Hard copy of Online Registration (Both Pre-App & Full-App)
b) Passport Copy
c) 2 Passport photos with white background
d) Cheque amount of RM 7,000.00 

If you have any questions on the above matter, please feel free to call our office number at 03 7887 6866 to speak to Azreen Afzan during office hours.