Create a more just and peaceful World during COVID-19

The “Ideathon” (a hackathon for ideas – ideathon) is an opportunity to shape the future of international education. It is open for everyone who believes that international education can make a difference in these challenging times.  AFS is an NGO with a groundbreaking international secondary school exchange, volunteer, and intercultural learning programs with the mission to “create a more just and peaceful world through international education

We will be fostering creativity and exchange ideas on the leading question:

“How can we fulfil the mission of AFS during the pandemic and the world after?”

The ideathon will be a global 48 hours digital event organized and run by AFSers  to bring forward solutions to the crisis of AFS due to COVID-19.

The motivation

AFS was founded a hundred years ago as a response to a global crisis. The current pandemic has already changed the world drastically and endangers the future of AFS and all international exchange programs.

At the same time, international and intercultural collaboration is crucial to handle outbreaks, stabilize economies and save lives. Everyone’s protection relies on collaboration more than ever in human history.

COVID-19 forces AFS to rethink how it’s mission can be fulfilled today, but it’s values and strengths are at the core of the solutions for this global crisis.
Let’s find and develop ideas that strengthen societies around the world, shape the future of intercultural education and lead to a more just and peaceful world.

Who can participate

Everyone with an internet access can participate. It is free of charge and the event is available globally. It is volunteer driven and organised by AFSers from all around the world.
You can

  • Make friends globally
  • Make a difference in the current crises
  • Think about solutions and develop ideas

We are looking forward to welcoming you in this community of global citizens!

Participate in the #AFSIdeathon!

Be part of this global event!

For the event you may sign up in two different roles: Challenge owner and Solver.

After signing up you will receive updates about the event and our challenges. On the 4th of September you can join a challenge you want to solve. You will be joined by other participants from around the world who are interested in the same challenge.

Become a challenge owner

Propose a challenge! If you have identified an area of opportunity become a challenge owner.

As a challenge owner you will provide a description of your challenge that will be posted before the event. During the event you will be working with all the participants who signed up as solvers and want to help come up with a solution. You will also be in charge of clarifying and answering any questions about it.

Sign up here

Become a solver

Be part of the solution!

Solvers are all the participants who are interested in working on any of the available challenges.

As a solver you will be working together with other solvers from around the world, the challenge owner and a mentor to come up with a solution during the event.

Sign up here


A global 2-day digital event (a hackathon for ideas – ideathon) with AFSers (and other interested people) around the world bringing forward solutions for AFS.