More than 2,000 Malaysian returnees have gone through this experience and each generation of AFS scholars and participants leave its mark as it passes on our message to the next batch.

AFS experience gives impact to returnees for the rest of their life; from family, friendships to their careers. AFS achieve its objectives when most returnees share that AFS programs have been the turning point of their lives.

Throwback and reminisce about the good 'old' days while rekindling life long memories!

AFS Malaysia is proud to bring our returnees a spot on the web that they can call their own. This is an exciting pace for the organization as we expand and reach for new goals. As AFS Malaysia continues to grow, so will our returnees as we outline more exciting events and opportunities.

AFS returnees community enable returnees to stay connected with friends, batch mates, and all those who contributed to the memorable moments with AFS. AFS returnees can also act as volunteers in events and activities organized either by National Office or at Chapter Levels.

If you are an AFS returnee, we invite you to get involved in your own way. The possibilities are endless and don’t hesitate in sharing your ideas. Whatever medium AFS returnees choose to be involved in, we at the National Office will make things possible for our returnees.

If you are an AFS Returnee of yester-year or even just last month, let's reconnect old relationships and also form new ones by updating your details HERE so that we could be in touch!

Amazed with the experiences and succesful stories of AFS Malaysia returnees? We warmly welcome you to be a part of any programs offered by AFS Malaysia.