AFS Green Academy is back!

Intensive sustainability program: Discover, experience, develop.

The Green Academy program creates opportunities for young people to develop an intercultural perspective on sustainability issues.  The program includes workshops and seminars on selected green topics, site visits and excursions, an intensive German language course as well as intercultural learning workships and an attractive leisure program.

Green Academy at a Glance:

- Intensive program on the global issue of sustainability in Germany
- Opent o 16 - 18 year old high school students
- Project s/Workshops on sustainabilty issues
- Classes together with German and international students
- Intercultural Trainings & Workshops
The Green Academy is conducted in cooperation with the, Academy for Innovation and Management (aim) from Heilbronn which provides high quality educational programs.

Participants will learn together and benefit from multinational perspectives on topics of sustainability. They‘ll put their experiences into practice and take home intercultural knowledge on green issues.

The language spoken in the “Green Academy“ is English. Good English communication skills are essential.

There is no German language requirement to take part in this program, though a language course to obtain basic German language skills is included.

All students will be hosted by carefully selected German host families. Participants will spend evening and weekends with their host families. Make your own intercultural experience.

Workshop Examples

Introduction into Sustainability
The whole world talks about sustainability. But what exactly does this term mean and how does it matter to me? The students will try to find out more about sustainability and sustainable development. As an example we will take a closer look at the production and use of mobile phones.

Organic certification
Organic certifications are a growing worldwide demand for organic food. It is intended to assure quality and prevent fraud, and to promote commerce. “Demeter“ is the largest certificated organisation for biodynamic agriculture. The participants will visit the Lieberherr an Haag Demeter Farms near Heilbronn, to be practically oriented about Demeter farming.

Renewable Energy
What is renewable energy? What are the advantages and disadvantages? During the course we try to find out more about this new way of energy production. Models and experiments will help us to understand the scientific background.

"I've learned a lot about green topics and it is very important for me to promote these habits in my country" Geena, Malaysia
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