Call for #VolunteerVoices Correspondents

AFSers all over the globe are acting as changemakers and are making peace relevant again in today’s society. As volunteers, we want to make their voices heard and show that AFS is all about local and global engagement, diversity and social impact. We have created #VolunteerVoices to give any AFS volunteer a platform to make their stories heard. Because we strongly believe that at the start of every dream, change and impact, there is a good story.

We want to hear your voice AFSers! Like us on Facebook:

We are looking to create a global network of storytellers who will be trained and mentored to collect volunteer voices locally. Interested AFSers may apply here:

Closing date: 20th June 2015

For more information, please contact Izyan Zulkifli at or call 03 7887 6866

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