The Return on Investment of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is tons of fun. That’s a fact that’s proven each year by the many high school and university students who have the time of their lives while abroad.

However, studying abroad isn’t just about fun. It also offers numerous benefits to participants, such as greater independence, increased global competency, and foreign language fluency.

These and other benefits provide great reasons to study abroad. For many, they serve as excellent motivation to take that first, daring leap outside of one’s own cultural comfort zone and into the big, broad world of cultural uncertainty.

But, of course, the benefits are just one aspect of the equation. There are also the costs, which likely kill the buzz of many hopeful globetrotters each year.

And so, as leaders in international exchange, we had to ask ourselves – do the costs of studying abroad REALLY outweigh the benefits? Can studying abroad really help you get into college, get a job, or become a more globally competent person?

We took an honest look at the facts and figures and found that the answer is resoundingly, yes!

See the results for yourself:

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