YES Alumni Asia Region Social Entrepreneur and Digital Storytelling workshop

AFS USA YES team, in collaboration with iEarn YES Partners, has announced of the YES Alumni Asia Region Social Entrepreneur and Digital Storytelling workshop on 17 - 23 September, 2014 to be held in New Delhi, India.The YES Partners who will be participating are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand.  AFS Malaysia are awarded 3 places.  Around 25 Alumni are expected to attend this event. 

The workshop will provide YES alumni with skills and tools to develop and implement social entrepreneur projects related to an issue in their community.  Workshop sessions will address topics such as team-building, creating a vision and mission statement, identifying community resources and challenges, and creating a sustainable business model. The importance of communication skills is threaded throughout Ashoka’s Youth Venture curriculum and will be enhanced with digital storytelling content.  Participants will learn communication and digital media skills which will enable them to better articulate their selected issue as well as increase the reach and impact of their project. Participants will learn how to use various social media platforms as both a fundraising tool and as an important part of an awareness-raising campaign.  Workshop outcomes will include a social venture action plan to be implemented in their community and alumni-created, digital, awareness-raising campaigns related to selected issues.

AFS Malaysia received 10 applications and the Scholarship Selection Committee shortlisted about half whom they interviewed via group Skype.  After much deliberation and deep discussion, the 3 lucky finalists were selected.  They are : 

1.  Miss Merryn Choong  -  YES 2010

2.  Miss Mohana Thamilarasu  -  YES 2010

3.  Mr. Tay Jia Hui  -  YES 2012

On behalf of AFS Malaysia Staff & Board, we wish them a resourceful time of learning & self-development.

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