Stories from Abroad - Malaysia - You Know You’re Malaysianized When…

After nearly 11 months in Malaysia, I have picked up tons of word, habits and ticks from the local culture. So much so that I and the other exchange students on my program consider ourselves “Malaysianized.”

What exactly do I mean by this? Read on to find out.

You know you’re Malaysianized when…

1 - You know the words for eat and tea in Tamil, Malay, and a few dialects of Chinese;
2 - You know at least 1 Malay and Tamil song;
3 - Arguing with the taxi drivers to use the metre isn’t so difficult;
4 - Crossing a busy street? No problem. Use the hand.;
6 - You’ve slowly forgotten how to eat with a knife…;
7 - You can’t go more than one week without eating roti canai (flatbread) or nasi lemak (fragrant coconut rice);
8 - There is no such thing as too much milo;
9 - You know which way to fold your banana leaf after eating banana leaf rice;
10 - You hate it when someone thinks you’re a tourist;
11 - There are people in your class who speak better English than you;
12 - You start to spell things the British way;
13 - You know what the call to prayer sounds like on at least 3 different radio stations;
14 - The Starbucks baristas know you by name;
15 - You started saying going back to Australia instead of going home because Malaysia is home;
16 - The thought of leaving Malaysia makes you cry – really, really hard;
17 - You know that you’ll be back one day!!

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