The BP Global Citizens of Tomorrow Scholarship is for a semester of 6 months to the United States of America from January - July. The scholarship program provides financially-challenged students the opportunity to study abroad in the USA and gain the intercultural skills needed to succeed in a global economy. The goal of the program is to increase students' intercultural awareness and English language skills.

Who can apply?

We are looking for excellent Malaysian school students aged 17 or currently in Form 5 to apply for this scholarship. 

What are the criteria?

The candidates should be from families of lower income bracket who would have little means to afford the program fee equivalent. They must have strong grades, particularly for Mathematics and Science subjects, and teacher's recommendations.  It is an advantage for those who demonstrate leadership ability and a positive personality.

How do I apply?

Application form is available here: Apply for AFS Program. Please note application closes April 30, 2016