All AFS programs offer participants the opportunity to build meaningful connections with everyone they meet during their experiences abroad, as well as in their home countries and within the AFS global community.

Ever imagined living abroad, attending a local school, living with a new family and maybe learning a new language in another country? Then think about joining AFS study abroad programs - a global volunteer organization that has arranged student exchanges in Malaysia since 1958!

AFS has a range of different programs to choose from. No matter if you're a high school student, a recent high school graduate, a university student or educator looking for an authentic overseas experience - AFS has a program to suit you. And with more than 57 countries the opportunities with AFS are almost unlimited.

There are several opportunities to go abroad with AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia!

Choose an AFS Program that interest you:

Year Program

The AFS Year programs offer you a great opportunity to live and study in another country for a period of up to 11 months. On the AFS Student Exchange program you’ll be provided with an exceptional intercultural experience. This program will suit you if you really want to learn a new language, and feel a part of a local community.

Semester Program

The AFS Semester Program offers 17 year olds an opportunity to live and study in another country for a 6-month period. The 6-month program allows the participant to learn a new language, embrace the local lifestyle and be exposed to intercultural learning.

Intensive Program

The AFS Short program is a fantastic opportunity to live and study in another country for up to 2 months with minimum interruption to your education. On the Short program you’ll be provided with an exceptional intensive intercultural experience. It is the perfect way to improve and brush off your language skills before the final years of study in high school or before university studies.

Very Short Program

AFS Very Short Programs provide the perfect opportunity to experience another culture in a new country without compromising obligations back at home. From playing soccer in Brazil to learning English in England, there’s a short program for everyone. Very Short Programs usually run between 2-6 weeks and are open to high school students between 15-17 years old.

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